My passion for well being

I am Anne Lyse, founder of Ajna, a project built with love and passion for health and well being.

My interest in food started more than 10 years ago with gastronomy studies. I started to learn more on the effect the food we eat has on our body and mind. For this reason I also got certified in Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition.

How did I start to do the probiotic drinks myself? I fell in love with Kombucha working in a coffee shop a couple of years ago in Australia, but its taste was always too sweet for me and it wasn’t a 100% organic beverage.

I decided to start to brew my own Kombucha and to experiment with different flavors to have more sour options. Afterwards, I added a Water Kefir to my offer as well.

The creation of Ajna Bebida came to my mind this year, when during the pandemic I was preparing home-made probiotics drinks (Kombucha and Water Kefir) for my friends who, after tasting my beverages, motivated me to share my passion for well being with the world.

With Ajna Bebida I would love to help you to take care of your gut so in return it also can take care of you.